Why You Must Surround Yourself With Positivity

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

If you want a positive mindset… and you don’t have one… you have to create it.

It’s like anything in life. You dream of having something, so you make a decision to have it, create a plan to achieve it and take glorious action. The same is for your mindset!

One amazing hack for creating a more positive mindset is to create visual cues!

A visual cue is anything that you can visually see that sends a message to your subconscious mind.

It sounds woo-woo but it’s scientific!

You are influenced by your environment and your surroundings. Every space impacts your mood, behaviour and your pro-activity. And everything within your space is sending a message to you – words (obviously), pictures, photos, colours, textures, shapes and so on!

Our brains are mainly visual processors. So although your conscious mind may be focusing attention on one thing, your subconscious mind is always scanning the environment, physically and energetically, and processing what it sees (as well as the other senses).

So – be ahead of the game, and choose to be intentional with what is visually around you. Use it to your advantage!

If you want to feel more positive right now, take a moment to look around your room with “fresh eyes” and ask yourself:

  • What messages am I receiving?

  • How do the colours make me feel?

  • What words can I see from books, prints, documents etc.?

  • How do photos, pictures and paintings make me feel?

  • Are there any shapes and what is the feeling they give me?

  • What is the general feeling of this room as I walk in?

  • Are there any belongings that make this space feel cluttered & untidy?

And then the big questions after this review are:

  • Is this aligned with how I want to feel in this space?

  • If I want to feel more positive, what is not aligning to this feeling?

  • Where are there opportunities to feel more positive?

Remember – there is no room for mediocre feelings!

If you want to feel more positive, amp up the positivity. Nothing in your space should make you feel negative or simply feel nothing. Be purposeful with what you surround yourself with.

It could be that you have a photo of yourself that symbolises happy and joyful times. It could be that white walls make you feel calm and positive. It could be that there is an opportunity to clear clutter and tidy the space. It could be that having candles and flowers make you smile. Or it could be that your artwork is telling you a positive and inspiring story.

One of my favourite hacks are prints and postcards! Choose words or affirmations that align with how you want to feel and place them somewhere you will see them every day!

I have a print in my Work Sanctuary (my home office!) that says “Make It Happen”. It’s situated where I can see it from my desk and I always see it when I need to. It’s a reminder to take action, be courageous and make my dreams happen. One simple print is a visual cue that is aligned with who I want to be. So powerful!!

The great thing too is that it’s completely subjective. Everyone consumes messages differently – that’s what’s so beautiful about being human.

This is about understanding what makes YOU feel super positive and kickass. And then choosing to surround yourself with those things.

Our homes are a sanctuary (as so many people are connecting to right now!) and I passionately believe that your home must be a reflection of who you are and who you desire to be!

Align your space with how you WANT to feel and intentionally place visual cues in your space to dial up the positive messages your mind will receive!

The more you see and connect with these cues, the more likely longer-term memories will be generated. So once these visions are part of your subconscious mind, you will notice an improvement in your mindset.

This will impact EVERYTHING you do…

·      What you think

·      What you believe

·      How you behave

·      How you show up in your life

·     How you react to situations

Sounds too good to be true, right? But I promise you, it’s a wonderful mindset hack that’s fun to implement and transformational when done right.


Becky Stanton is a Transformation Coach who specialises in aligning your mind-set and physical space to create the success you desire. Becky guides clients to connect with their deepest desires and up-levels their internal and external environment to align with their dreams to transform their reality. You can work with Becky in her Dream Believe Be coaching programme or her Work Sanctuary programme. Or join her Facebook Group Homeworker Hub with fellow female business owners that work from home.


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