Time for Myself

I have been struggling to write a blog for this week. I have several half-written blogs but I couldn’t finish them.

I then realised I really needed some time for myself and took a day away from developing content for Engineer Your Mind. I chose me. Which is ultimately what I wanted to talk to you about anyway!

This week’s webinar is on the benefits of being selfish and taking time to put what you need first. Lockdown has been a great opportunity for me to really reflect on this and I hope it is something you have spent time doing too.

It is completely against our nature to put ourselves first. You are always taught to consider others and how your actions affect them but never how doing that can affect you. So now it is time to start taking that into consideration.

Questions to ask yourself:

What do I need right now?

Take a moment to sit with yourself and see what you need. Whether that is sleep, a walk, some chocolate doesn’t matter. See what you need to feel more like yourself.

What makes me happy?

So many of us do not have an answer to this or know how to go about getting one. My base is feeling calm. If I feel calm in a space that that is my happy place as it is where my anxiety is least triggered. It will be different for everyone so sit with yourself and see what you need most.

Who makes me happy?

Do you have people in your life that you dread contact with but there isn’t a need for them in your life? (Example: they aren’t your boss or a family member) Don’t have them there.

Think about who you love to get calls and contact from and make sure you focus on chatting with them.

Now I have a few mantra’s I want you to say to yourself in order to make this happen.

I can say no to social engagements without an excuse if attendance does not make me happy.

I can put firm boundaries on my work time because I am an effective worker.

I can choose myself without guilt.

Start putting you first and prioritising your needs and goals. It is ok to do this. I am giving you permission to do this if that is what you need right now. I am not saying only focus on you but your own life should be a priority, if not THE priority.

If you want more support with this don’t forget to register for this week’s webinar. It is free to attend and my guest speakers are EXCELLENT and being great humans and prioritising themselves too.

I can’t wait to learn from them and have you there to learn with us!


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